MINH "JOJI" LE (Head Coach)

Responsibilities: Fighters, advanced, basic courses, Juniors

Joji has a long experience from the sport as a fighter and as a coach. Joji coaches trainers of all levels and fighters in an inspiring and supporting way. Coach with joy and a sense of humour and will most definitely squeeze every last bit of you when it comes to training. 

Nordic championship, silver 2012 -57kg
Finnish championship, silver 2012 -57kg
Finnish championship, silver 2012 -57kg
Finnish championship 2010 -57kg


Responsibilities: Fighters

Miika has acquired championship medals from Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing. Kinnunen is a technical coach with a good eye for fighting. His thorough coaching style takes your learning to the next level and helps you become a better fighter.

Finnish championship 2017 +91kg
Finnish championship 2010 -91kg
Nordic championship 2007 -86kg
Finnish championship 2007 -86kg
Nordic championship 2006 +91kg
Nordic championship 2005 -91kg
Finnish championship 2005 -86kg


Responsibilities: Fighters, advanced, basic courses

Kekis is an experienced coach and in his trainings your condition will improve rapidly. Kekis is a precise and demanding coach who knows how to lead all trainers forward keeping in mind their current level.

Finnish Champion 2012 -71kg
Nordic Championship Silver 2011 -67kg
Finnish Championship Silver 2011 -67kg
IFMA Amateur World Championships B-class Bronze 2010 -67kg
Finnish Championship Silver 2010 -67kg


Responsibilities: Advanced, basic courses, Juniors

Riikka ("Iso-Riikka") has several years of experiance from muay thai and fighting. Riikka also has referee (In the ring) and judge (scoring the fights) qualifications which make Riikkas knowledge of the sport extensive. Her practices are versatile - ranging from technical aspects to cardio-improving pad works and sparring.


Responsibilities: Advanced, basic courses

Eve is a physiotheraphist and a professional sports coach, with a wide education and Muay Thai judge qualifications. Eve is technically demanding coach and a determined fighter whose trainings are versatile and challenging. Eve also gives instructions to fighters and trainers regarding nutrition and physical training useful for Muay Thai.


Responsibilities: kickboxing, kickboxing competitors

Marko has been influential in kickboxing since 2003 and has worked as a coach for the last 10 years. He is a familiar sight in the sport's value competitions. Marko also has a solid educational background in the sport. As far as kickboxing is concerned, Marko has VOK-1 and 2 trainings and a coach's professional qualification (VAT). In addition, he has attended several sports coaching trainings of different lengths organized by the Finnish Coaches Association, e.g. psychic coach (level 1).


Responsibilities: Basic courses

Mikko has a long background in martial arts and his practices are technical with a fast tempo. Mikko has a great sense of humour, but still won't let you off easy since Mikko has a precise coaching style. In muay thai especially clinching is close to Mikkos heart.


Responsibilities: Advanced, basic courses, Juniors

Riikka ("Pikku-Riikka") is an active fighter who constantly strives to improve her own training and coaching. Her trainings are varied and improve efficiently ones condition and clinching techniques.


Responsibilities: Basic courses

Basic course coach Kalle finds it important that training always remains fun and interesting for the trainers. This teacher-student is guaranteed to have tools for inspiring and versatile training.