Jyväskylä Muay Thai was established in Jyväskylä in 2015. We offer high-quality muay thai coaching for everyone's needs and goals. With us you may train just to stay in shape, just to have muay thai as a hobby or with competing in mind. 

Our new gym is located in Kirri (Jyväskylä), in the same premises with Fxjiujitsu.


1. At our gym, everyone is equal.

2. Show good sportsmanship and respect toward other trainers and coaches.

3. Bullying, discrimination, hate speech, harassment and disrespectful behavior is stictly forbidden.

Safe training

One must train carefully and try to avoid harming other trainers.

Unnecessary use of strenght is stictly forbidden.

Acknowledge your own and your partners skill level. Please let your partner or the coach know, if your partner is training too hard for your skill/goal level. 

Train only with proper and unbroken gear.

Train only when you are healthy. Inform coaches if there is something in your health that should be taken into account (for example musculoskeletal disorders, injuries).

Tidiness and order

Don't let outsiders into the gym.

Take care of your personal hygiene and the tidiness of your gear.

Please clean all the gear you used during your training.

Put all the used gear and weights back into their own places.

Member and training fees

All trainers are obligated pay membership fee and the licence fee.

The membership fee does not include an insurance. Every member is responsible for their own insurances. Read more: Prices (> Required payments).

The monthly fee must be payed by 15th day of each month. One-time payment must be payed before attending practices.

We want everyone to feel safe, pleasant and welcome at our gym. Please inform the board members or the coaches if there's broken gear, rule-breaking behavior etc.

A warning can be given due to rule-breaking behavior. Constant rule-breaking behavior will lead to cancellation of the membership. In severe cases the board of Jyväskylä Muay Thai Ry can ban members indefinitely or temporarily.