CHRISTMAS BREAK 23.12.-1.1.2023

☃️ We will take a break from guided trainings during 23.12.-1.1.23.

☃️ On the Finnish Independence day we train normally (6.12.)

☃️ Remember: 16.12. Christmas spar & celebration of this year's championships (starting at 17:00)

Welcome to celebrate this years championships on 16.12.

Welcome to celebrate Nina's latest succes in the Finnish and Nordic Championships on friday 16th of December at 17:00 at the gym. 

After that, at 18:00, there will be a Chistmas spar, open for everyone. Welcome!

You can now pay with SmartumPay!

You can now pay your training fees with the SmartumPay-app!

Muay Thai for Juniors starts on the 3rd of august!

Juniors train safely the basics of Muay Thai and more importantly - have fun while training! Muay Thai for Juniors is suitable for everyone interested in the sport at the age of 8-15. No prior experience of sports is needed.

You only need clothes suitable for exercising and a bottle of water. We train with bare feet, so no shoes is needed. You can loan equipment from the gym.

Muay Thai for Juniors costs 30 € /month, including 2x trainings per week. Juniors train on Wednesdays at 17:00 and on Saturdays at 12:00.

One may jump aboard at any time of the year. Welcome! 🥊 Please sign up to Joji via his email minhle (at) 🙏🏼

Jyväskylä Muay Thai 🔥

Photographer: ilmarihoolegs (instagram)

The sponsors and collaborations can be seen at the end of this page! 

Next basic course starts on 26.1.2023!

New basic courses for adults (over the age of 15) starts on 26th of January. 

Basic courses aim at training the techniques of Muay Thai and to improve your condition. You only need clothes suitable for indoor sports (no shoes) and a bottle of water. 

The basic course trains twice a week, on Thursdays at 17:00 and on Saturdays at 13:00. The whole course costs 90€ (80€ if you are a student or unemployed) and lasts for two months. Instructions are given in Finnish, but all of our coaches speak English. 

Sign up now, since only the 20 fastest ones fit into the course! Sign up via email to our main coach:

minhle (at)

You may read more about our rules here, descriptions of the basic course here and about our coaches here. Welcome!

New basic course for Juniors starts on 25.1.2023!

New basic course for Juniors starts on January 25th. The basic course is aimed for kids between the ages 8-15. 

The aim of the basic course is to train the techniques of Muay Thai in a safe environment, improve your condition and most importantly - have fun. 

You only need clothes suitable for indoor sports (no shoes), a bottle of water and a curious mind. Instructions are given mainly in Finnish. 

Juniors train twice a week, on Wednesdays at 17:00 and on Saturdays at 12:00. The price of the course is 30€ /month (ref.nro. can be seen under prices.)

Please sign in via email to our main coach minhle (at) 


Competitions at JMT on 19.11.2022!

Competitions at Jyväskylä Muay Thai this upcoming saturday 19.11.2022! The event is hosted under Muay Thai Federation of Finland using IFMA-amateur rules.

  • Address: Kirrinpolku 2 (next to Kaluste10). Plenty of free parking spots.
  • Weigh-in: 11:00-12:00
  • Doors open to public at 12:30, fights start at 13:00
  • Tickets: 10€, members of JMT 5€ (card payment)
  • There will be thaifood (cash only).

More information: Minh Le, 040 135 5702, Minhle (at) tai jyvaskylamuaythai (at)

Jyväskylä Muay Thai was accepted to the Finnish Boxing Federation on 8.3.2022!

8.3.2022 Jyväskylä Muay Thai was accepted to the Finnish Boxing Federation! Now our members can also attend boxing fights.

Antti Parhiala is in charge of competing in boxing and Daniel Barkane coaches boxing.

How covid-19 affects training, updated 20.10.2022

One must sign up to each training via Nimenhuuto -app. At the moment, there are no limitations regarding the amount of people.

Let's remember to take care of our basic hygiene; please join our trainings only if you are completely healthy, remember to wash your hands and maintain a proper safe distance to other couples. Please disinfect all of the gear you used during your training (pads, mitts, punchbag..) There are cleaning wipes and disinfectant at the gym.

In case of exposure to covid, please inform us as soon as possible, so we can reach the other exposed ones. You can reach us for example via jyvaskylamuaythai(at) We do not share the names of the exposed ones to others.